Resetting from Italy

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I made a picture

R(3,3,3,3) > 28, color me shocked!

Lost terminal

It's a lovely podcast by one of my favorite YouTubers. I think until I run out of episodes, I will start my day with it. Perhaps I will listen to it on loop while I do chores. It's secretly Daoist and pro mental health. Makes you root for the lonely robot.

Italy was pretty

I ate a lot of lovely food

So much pizza marinara. The wine bottle was longer than my forearm.

Animals, hat, and the aleph-shaped road

Home safely

... with Angus and shrimp (lowercase).

Rust thoughts

Drifting back to coding after travel. Misc thoughts:

  • clap for smart arg parsing, serde, Display, bench, and testing crates
  • I want to riir a few things...
    • nauty (ha!), but there's already a few crates that interface with it and g6
    • Bernard's flagmatic
    • my interval arithmetic repo
    • sts cuda search, I love enums & rich algebraic type systems

Priority (tabular Ramsey AI):

  • extricate the 2nd hash map
  • parallelize smarter with measured speedup
  • extract a discrete differential optimization crate(!)

Next (NN Ramsey):

  • implement with dfdx
  • extract a discrete (optionally differential?) optimziation crate(!!)