Becoming a better dev

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What software development means to me

I'm a competent mathematical problem-solver, but what does that mean for software development? This week I've been exploring

  • agile simplified: do what is valuable, make a working product quickly without interruption, trash it if necessary, and collaborate
    • use right tools for the job? prioritize working code over methodologies and documentation (though Rust does the latter so well by default)
    • ripgrep has been the best grep for years, but grep is best for projects with mixed encodings
    • CI/CD is actually pretty easy (this site is also on a pipeline!)
    • only commit working code that is better than the previous version
  • monads: I'm finally enjoying category theory!
    • this means your type system has some consistency and structure that you probably want desperately
    • Rust's Enum handles this beautifully, I'll explain more later
    • I'll get around to Haskell eventually 😇
    • There is no happy/sad path, only valid and invalid states
  • Box, Rc, Arc are alien at first, but so is anything novel
  • constexpr is overrated and a bit messy: is the design is wrong?
    • is Circle the savior of C++?
    • static analysis will not save us. That's your compiler's job
  • side-effects: your function signature should tell the whole story
    • but this is not enough!
    • when you want to multithread, your functions should minimize side-effects
    • when you want to maintain, mut is the correct default
    • maps, iterators, collecting

Chore list

I want to

  • clean up my homepage
  • parallelize my MCTS Ramsey project
todo!("thread-local argmax graph");
todo!("immutable ScoreKeeper");
todo!("n_(a,g) -> n_ag"); /* almost there! */
todo!("clippy compliance"); /* so fun! */
todo!("open pictures in UI");
todo!("do I have enough g6 tests?"); /* I saw the g6 libraries! maybe use them! */
todo!("on-the-fly tikz with wsl?!");
todo!("optimize the guess graph");
  • retool for a neural network

    • with the new architecture, we abandon the action queue
    • sign the count matrix to indicate edges
    • offset so that edges are nonzero
    • f16 with cudarc
  • community tools

    • cudarc for Rust GPU-accelerated (split-)seed serach
    • markdown guides instead of pdf
    • simpler tool for resetting save files
    • better ergonomics & lowering the barrier to (re)entry
    • regex tool for tabulating submitted run data
    • auto seed searching (the dream)