First day of nice weather

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finally a real Spring

What fantastic weather. What a cathartic run. Angus loved the view from the window and skittered all around the house in excitement.

Today I have been thinking about

  • our tech stack: what does modern code look like? how can I help without overstepping?
  • workflow:
    • would be hilarious to incorporate a FOSS LLM into an app
    • I saw some of the dfdx work stream and try CoPilot
    • improving module structure and error-gonomics for more maintainability
    • plagiarize the standard library when designing your API
    • what's the best way to strap together run-and-tests apps for CI/CT/CD?
  • projects:
    • how much time can I commit to MCTS Ramsey?
    • should I try to help with dfdx?
  • design patterns:
    • Result<Option<T>> is neat
    • try_into factories
    • custom iterators
  • growth:
    • how does interest become collaboration?
    • how do I know when work is done?
    • if I ask for more, what do I get in return?

Do I enjoy regular expressions... too much

??? Jury's still out.